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Features of our virtual private servers

IP addresses

Our VPS servers don’t use NAT, they are directly connectable from the internet. Each server can have up to 4 IP’s upfront but if you need more, please contact us and we’ll try to accomodate you.

Multiple servers provisioning

If you have more than one virtual private server with us, we’ll try to provision each of them on different physical servers, so that you can realize high availability.

Easy reinstalls

You can use our custom templates for easy reinstallation of your virtual machine or you can use any ISO that’s available in the library to install and fully customise your operating system through access to the console in our control panel.

Reverse DNS

We automatically use your virtual private server’s name to setup reverse DNS for you.

Console access

You have full access to your virtual private server through the VPS control panel even if you can’t reach it with SSH or Remote Desktop.


Each virtual server has a decent and convenient traffic package. If you need more, or perhaps you need unlimited bandwidth, please contact us.

Kernel and root/administrator access

While other virtual private servers providers limit you, we allow you to install your own kernel and you get full access to the root or Administrator account of your servers.

Internal bandwidth

If you have NAS servers with us or just normal virtual private servers, the traffic inside the datacenter is unmetered.