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Platform and infrastructure, or what do you get

Powered by Citrix Xen

TopXen uses Citrix Xen for virtualization. A virtual server on Xen offers all possibilities of a physical server with 98% of it’s performance.


As stated above, you get what you pay for. All assigned memory is always available for your VPS. We don’t overcommit. Our systems have usually 12G-16G RAM, enough to be efficient but not too much to kill HDD IO or other resources. If we see a bottleneck, we adjust our loads.

Data center

Our datacenter facilities are selected by maximum redundancy regarding air conditioning and electricity, uptime, access control, peerings, and reachability for our engineers. Our server racks are locked and only accessible by TopXen engineers.

We currently use Hetzner’s datacenter in the Germany area for improved performance and for it’s peerings(De-Cix, N-IX, KleyReX, AMS-IX). There is enough spare capacity present to reroute any traffic in case a network link becomes unusable.

Spare hardware

To ensure continuity we always have spare servers and parts in stock.


TopXen uses only high quality hardware from good and respected vendors such as DELLHP and  Supermicro among others to ensure good support and availability of spare parts.


We monitor the availability, performance and security of the TopXen network and systems 24×7.

Redundant power

Our servers are equipped with two power supplies and connected to different power feeds. If one of the power feeds or one of the power supplies fails, the server will continue running.

Disk Capacity

All VPS disk images are stored on a hardware RAID-10 disk array with a big cache and battery backup to ensure good performance and proper data integrity.

Redundant network

All our servers are connected with two  network interfaces to two separate network switches. The network is fully redundant. If a switch or a network card fails the network will remain 100% available.


All TopXen servers are equipped with Intel Xeon series or similar processors. Available CPU resources are fairly distributed between all VPS’s. Bigger VPS’s get a bigger slice of the processor.

TopXen ensures there’s always enough capacity available and is always careful to give you what you pay for