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Virtual Private Servers from $5.89/month!

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Start as small as you like and upgrade whenever you need. We can accommodate you. Use the table below to view the specifications and pricing for our plans:

$5.89 256M 8G 200G Order
$9.89 512M 20G 400G Order
$19.89 1G 50G 800G Order
$39.89 2G 125G 2000G Order

Quality of service guarantee

TopXen takes the full risk of the contract. To show you this, we offer you a 30 days money back guarantee, for your peace of mind.

Fast and efficient

Manage your servers fully through our control panel without needing to use the help desk.

Choose your OS

We offer you a choice between the most popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. Read more

Virtual Private Servers

Technical specifications

Our platform is Citrix XenServer. Our servers incorporate top hardware, we use the Hetzner facility in Germany and we have a stable network with great peerings. Read more on the platform page.

Payment methods

We accept PayPal, Moneybookers, and wire transfers.